Saturday, June 5, 2010

My feet are killing me!

Is it possible that I actually forgot to pack something...yes, an odometer! I would have loved to see how many miles I am clocking in each day. Maybe not in Sicily, but Ascoli, Rome and now Bologna. It's so easy to just keep going.... I feel like Forest Gump when he started to run and could not stop. It's really the best way to get your bearings, see the sites, people watch, stop for lunch and one's daily gelato hit (still obsessed with pistacchio) and then to find some vacant marble step in the shade where one can lean against a wall that is probably 4-500 years old.

Well, I've learned that I am most happy in these big northern cities. Rome is very grounding for me, easy to get about and Bologna has a sophistication that I really am drawn to.

I've been stuck on the issue of weather which is why I chose Ascoli to begin with. Thought further south would be more enjoyable and in the end, the south is getting the worst weather right now. Bottom line, Italy does not have great weather; Santa Fe does! So, now that I've put weather aside, I can admit to myself that I feel most comfortable in large, Northern, cosmopolitan cities.

When last in Italy (2005), Cremona was the ideal place and maybe still is. I'm almost tempted to take a day trip back there; we'll see. I love the sense of style here, it's certainly more progressive and you can see it in how the people socialize and there are more woman out with their friends and not attached to family or partner. I don't feel like such an oddity.

Anyway, I got here around 1:30pm, found my hotel, cheched in, changed (it was warmer here than in Rome...go figure?) and headed out the door. I just got back at 7:45pm having had lunch, gelato and a bottle of Pelligrino at a nice cafe in the piaza where I could happily people watch.

My new friends, Shastro and Maria will show up here on Wednesday and it will be really nice to see them and to be with buddies. We're to go to a Tango event that night; not sure what to expect! Obviously, will write about it.

Tomorrow I plan to head out to the Modern Art Museum as there is a retrospective on Fillini's 40 year career as one of the most celebrated film-maker who is also considered by many to be a genius. The exhibition has photographs, audio and video presentations. Later in the day, I plan to go to a highly recommended restaurant, Trattoria da Gianni, which is noted for it's home-made pasta (by hand not machine) with some vino. This will be good, I'll keep you posted.

Ciao for now!

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