Monday, February 7, 2011

Fearless Friendships (FF)

We know who they are. They are the friends who see you, give room to your vulnerabilities, mistakes, confusions and flip flopping while placing no judgment. They offer that safe place to be our complete imperfect selves. They offer a place where the marinating of ideas are fostered, where the big life changes leap from. They are friends who love watching and partaking in your human process. They are our fearless friends.

This writing is to celebrate those of you who are fearless friends and who have fearless friends. I know I certainly have them and I hope I am a fearless friend as well.

FFs are expansive, ever dynamic, and flexing. They know when to be gentle and when to be tough. They are selfless. FFs know no boundaries in the communion of you and they.

FF become evident during times of struggle and joy. Change and transition is not an isolated experience. It ripples into every aspect of one's life and so when one is in transition it is likely that place, time, work, play, friends, loves will feel some effect. Transitions can be painful or liberating or both.

I've been in a fairly wild transition and my FFs are hanging with me all the way; they are applauding, laughing, crying, and basically cheering me on. It's so much fun!

I'm reminded to live my life with trust, to see and choose opportunity and not shy away from adventure.

There's an adventure brewing... Hop on board!

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