Friday, May 21, 2010

Ascoli gets it's first Sundae!

Presently sitting at Cafe Pretoriana with Lady Gaga in the background. I think this cafe caters to the young who have no hearing sensitivity (yet)! I'm determined to sit here and write my blog while trying to block out very loud pounding music....

Today is a simple day but good.

Yesterday, however, I delicately touched a valley of boredom and frustration. A good friend of mine recently emailed and reminded me just how difficult it is to learn a foreign language; he's Swiss and has first-hand experience. My mood went to impatience and frustration while projecting into the future of where I would go next as my "present" was not gratifying. Of course, the flip side, is that I learned a new expression...sonno annoiata (I am bored). A week of clouds, dampness and rain will do that to you. Sicily here I come!

But I caught myself just in time. I am "living here" more than "touring here". I have a schedule to keep, meals to cook and eat, homework to do, etc. So, just like everyday life, it can be boring (even in Italy!).

Also, I did not want to be projecting into the future. Life was good here in Ascoli and to prove it to myself, I decided to treat Daniela to dinner at the local Gelato negozio (shop). Italian gelato for dinner! Of course, I did it american style and introduced the word 'sundae' to the shop keepers. While pilling three scoops into a cup with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and nuts, the first 'sundae' was born in Ascoli. I know, it was a crime but believe me nothing could dampen the flavor and creaminess of this was heaven.

Daniela and I then walked off some calories and I was introduced to a new part of town I had not found on my many walks. It is the old section with houses built behind a stone wall that pre-dates the Romans looking onto the river....stunning! The sky was clearing and the colors of the clouds against the travertine was breathtaking. How easy to pull me out of my boredom. We walked and talked and by 9:00pm we were both ready to head home.

Sometimes I just don't know where the time goes. The evenings seem to fly. Mind you, I have not watched TV or listened to music since I've been here. I enjoy reviewing my homework and reading the few books I brought. Tonight, I'm going to the local book store to purchase one on the Myths on the Sibiline Mountains..I had heard about this and I think it will be quite interesting. I promise to relay a story in the blog.

Daniela's brother is in town; normally at University in Urbino. He stopped by the school and when he heard an American, he asked if we could all have dinner tonight! I get to speak Engish! Yeah! So, we're heading to Daniela's favorite pizza place. Can't wait -- haven't had pizza yet since I arrived.

Since tomorrow is the weekend, Daniela has made it clear that there will be no "clocks" in the morning. We get up when we get up...however, it's market day and all the farmers come to the piazza and so I may get up early anyway and visit and shop while doing some photography.

Ideally, if the weather holds through to Sunday, I hope to take the train to the coast (Grottomare)....keep fingers crossed!

Caio for now!

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  1. Amazing to think you've only been there a little more than a week... you sound completely settled in! And on the move soon too, just like a good Sagitarrian...