Friday, May 28, 2010

Happily pensive in Ascoli (Friday)

My days are winding down in Ascoli and I do feel some sadness as this little troupe of people around me have all become valued friends. How sweet to witness the unfolding of stranger to comrade. At this writing, I have to say that Ascoli provided me with a safe haven to rest and surround myself with good-hearted souls. This is not something to take lightly. When back in Italy again, I could so see myself returning to Ascoli if only to visit Daniela, MariLena, Giorgio, Diane(when she's here). They each have contributed to making my time here memorable and heartfelt.

With that said, the place is a bit provincial for me. I can appreciate the old-fashioned way and find it curious but I can't relate. There is something sad about the woman here that I need to ponder more before I attempt to write as I think I have quite a strong opinion. Sorry to leave you hanging with this one, but my thoughts need more time to percolate.

MariLena and I had our last language class today and I was done being in a classroom and so we met and immediately walked to a cafe for our last 2 hours of lessons. Again, she and I walked arm and arm, chatting away in all kinds of language. She gave me an Italo Calvino book in Italian yesterday because surely after two weeks of Italian language, I can read this!!! (barely can understand Calvino in English, but what the heck) and so today I gave her some gifts as well. I gave her the book called "La Bella Lingua" as it is written by a woman who loves the Italian language and she's done much research with where words and expressions come from. It's really well written and fascinating. She brings to the reader's attention how many Italian words are pure metaphor which is so creative. It's really helpful when you're a student of the language. I am going to re-purchase it(as well as the English version of my Italo Calvino book....I'll need to cheat like in a crossword puzzle when I'm trying to translate). I also gave MariLena, "Eat, Pray, Love" and the DVD "Under the Tuscan Sun" and so she will have some fun English challenges. She intends to continue to send me practices via email as well as videos and links to Italian "tele-fiction" that are meant to help students of Italian. Once we wrapped up our lesson, Bouncy Ragazza and Dulce Ragazza made their way back to the school to part as teacher/student but not as friends. I believe we'll see each other tomorrow (Saturday) as she is part of a play performance that will take place. I'll keep you posted and, ideally, not forget my camera!

A celebratory Chinese food lunch today with Daniela, Giorgio and I. I was a bit nervous about this choice as I haven't always had good Chinese food in Italy, but what the heck! It was what they wanted. Georgio is a very enthusiastic man and enjoys speaking his Italian language (you might remember, he picked me up at the bus station and took me on a tour until I finally almost fell asleep in his car!). Therefore, it was a lively conversation in Italian about meditation, the Power of Now, the book about how water molecules change with positive and negative feelings. Georgio did most of the talking (he doesn't speak any English) but it was still fun!

Paralleling these gentle emotions is, of course, the excitement about the trip to Sicily. But, it is time to move from contentment to excitement, don't you think?

One way that I am moving in this direction is by purchasing a couple of really sexy tops. Don't ask me why, but this is the 2nd time that I've been in Italy and I have purchased clothing from India...what's with that? Yes, I bought two "off the shoulder" tops that I think are just lovely and so they will be packed in my Sicily bag!

Laura Calia emailed me today that they will pick me up at the Palermo airport and for me to not worry about anything.

Haven't made any other plans beyond this.

Also, happy to be in Rome for 1.5 days; I find this great city quite civilized and seem to relate more to it than smaller cities.

So, that's it for today..hope we have good weather tomorrow for my last day and for all the Fiesta's that seem to be never really know!

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