Monday, May 31, 2010


Last night, when I blew the fuse with my American hair dryer I did hear a bit of complaining, "Oh Dio Mio" (multiple times with the clapping of the hands and looking upwards to heaven) for a while as the woman at the desk had to find the person who had the keys, who knew where the fuse box was, who could communicate with me, follow me to my room so I could "show" him the damage, and confirm that I had blown the switch and, who could then reset it..... I do think the front desk lady (owner I suspect) was mad at me for a little bit, but this morning I earned her graces back when she took my hand and said I was hot and I replied, "sonno ragazza Italiana" and she really cracked up over this (translates to, "I am an Italian girl", that's why I'm hot!! get it???) So, the fuse switch was reset and I was back to a light filled room with no harm to the hotel, or the block, or the city!

Since I am on a time schedule tomorrow (Tuesday) with my flight to Sicily, I thought it wise to visit the Termini Stazione and today purchase my rail ticket to the airport as well as determine a direct walking route from my hotel to the stazione with my new, pretty, small, travel bag! It doesn't take much to realize that in some ways, rolling bags are worthless in Italy. Too many cobble-stones and not enough side walk, the need to j-walk... When I walk around without a piece of luggage, I'm completely unaware of how many times I'm on and off a sidewalk, walking on cobble-stones, dodging traffic, etc. So, finding my most direct route will save me time and energy.

When one has all the time in the world, the crowds at the Stazione are entertaining but when one is on a time schedule things turn more chaotic.

Time was spent today instead of tomorrow morning finding the right vendor for the train ticket to the airport which took about 35 minutes; then I needed to change money preferably at a bank rather than a change shop as the rate is so much better. This seems to be a new challenge and I think it's due to the advent of the ATM machine. Most travelers do not take money with them and simply use their debit card to obtain euros. I, of course, am different. With multiple stops and various directions, I finally came upon a bank that would change my dollars and sure enough the rate was superior to the change shops. Although, they "refused" one of my $100 bills because it was not a "new one"....I suspect if it did not stand out amongst the others and I gave all "old" bills at the same time, there would be no notice. Bottom line, I got my money changed and then proceeded to find the platform that I will go to tomorrow to catch the train to the airport....and it's the furthest one at the stazione. So, it will be necessary to leave enough time to walk from the hotel to the stazione and then walk to the platform but I have my ticket and I will be ready to go!

Nap or, gelato!

It is my sincerest hope that I am walking enough to burn off the calories I am eating with my daily (almost) hit of gelato. My favorite combination to date is dark chocolate and pistachio. Mmmmm good. I've been known to declare that "I don't do sweets" -- I am forever never able to declare that again.

Now a nap! Ciao...

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